Add Safe Mode in Boot list:-


Safe mode is required when you have to fix a problem such as virus infection or uninstalling drivers in your windows XP. generally we need to use F8 Key to get into safe mode and if not timed properly you will need to restart windows xp again.
Here is a small trick which lets you add Safe mode by default into your Boot list. You will see it when you restart your windows xp machine.
Steps to Add Safe Mode in Boot list
* Go to control panel > System.
* Click on Advanced Tab.
* Then click on settings under the startup and recovery action.
* Click on edit under system startup to indirectly edit your boot.ini file.
* Add the following entry
“multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS=”XP - Safe Mode” /
fastdetect/ safeboot:minimal/sos/bootlog” without quotes .
Add safe mode to your boot listThats it, restart your machine and you will see another label as “XP- Safe Mode” added to the list.PS: This option is also used for adding any other windows installation on other partition.