IEEE 28- High Voltage LC Resonant Rectifier Without Transformer


Various rectifier circuits such as those for
consumer electronics and appliances, rectifier circuits of the
capacitor input type are generally used. The various
harmonics generated within such a power system become a
serious problem. Various studies to reduce these effects have
been presented so far. However, most of these employ
switching devices, such as MOSFETs and the like.
Removing the need for switching devices renders the
systems more tolerant to over-load, and brings low RF noise
benefits. The authors have proposed a power factor
correction scheme using a LC circuit, resonant at a
commercial frequency, without using switching devices. This
method makes a sinusoidal wave by widening conduction
period using the current resonance in commercial frequency.
It is found that a output high voltage may be readily
obtained by means of the LC resonance in this PFC circuit,
such that the dc output voltage achieved can be as great as
ten times the ac input voltage. In this paper the results are
reported and confirmed from both theoretical and
experimental implementations.