IEEE 5- Simple High DC Voltage Generator Using Three Phase LC Resonant Circuit


Various non-linear semiconductor circuits have been
used in consumer electronics and industrial electronics. It is well
known that rectifier circuits such as these can generate various
harmonics within the power system. Because of this, several
different power factor correction circuits have been proposed and
studied. These methods are designed to improve the input current
to a sinusoidal waveform by using switching devices, and they
therefore degrade the cost performance. From this point of view,
it is also appropriate to discuss harmonic reduction methods that
do not use switching devices. This paper proposes a novel threephase
rectifier circuit for power factor correction that operates
without switching devices, and whose input current waveform is
almost sinusoidal. Since it does not make use of any switching
devices, this solution avoids any losses and noise due to switching.
In addition, since it is also unnecessary to employ a complicated
driving circuit, it is favorable in terms of cost performance. The
effectiveness of this circuit is confirmed by simulation and