IEEE 12- A Dual-band MEMS PA Study for Mobile Communication Systems


This paper described a dual-band PA with MEMS
capacity switch, and it is composed of the series MEMS
capacity switch, cascode amplifier and other circuit, and gets
the dual-band of 2.1GHz /2.3GHz PA by the switch capacity
variation. The first, a MEMS capacity switch is designed,
analyzed by EDA of HFSS, and obtain the capacitive curve
with 2.1GHz and 2.3GHz, insert loss is about 2dB and
isolation is about 50dB.The second, the MEMS switch is
applied in the PA circuit, and the circuit model is designed
basing on the CMOS technology. The performance is
obtained by EDA of ADS simulation, and the gain is 12.4dB
and 11.5dB with 2.1GHz and 2.3GHz and PAE is about 50%
when output 25dBm at two band. MEMS switches are used
to implement a variable filter and matching network that
allows the PA to realize the dual-band and high efficiency. It
has good performance, and it may be applied for mobile
communications systems, such as 3.5G (Generation), 4G
mobile communications systems.