IEEE 33- Photonic Generation of Microwave Signal Using a Rational Harmonic Mode-Locked Fiber Ring Laser


A novel method for microwave signal generation
using a rational harmonic actively mode-locked fiber ring laser is
proposed and demonstrated. The microwave signal is generated
by beating the actively mode-locked longitudinal modes from
the rational mode-locked fiber ring laser at a photodetector.
The phases of the longitudinal modes are phased locked, which
ensures a generated microwave signal with very low phase noise.
In the proposed approach, the generated microwave signal has
a frequency a few times higher than the microwave drive signal.
Therefore, only a low-frequency reference source and a low-speed
modulator are required. A rational harmonic actively mode-locked
fiber ring laser is experimentally demonstrated.With a microwave
drive signal at 5.52 GHz, a microwave signal with a frequency
that is four times the frequency of the microwave drive signal at
22.08 GHz is generated. The generated microwave signal is very
stable with a spectral width of less than 1 Hz.