IEEE 34- Photonic Microwave Matched Filters for Chirped Microwave Pulse Compression

Abstract —

In this paper, a technique to design and implement a
photonic microwave matched filter for chirped microwave pulse
compression is presented. To realize matched filtering, the filter
should have a spectral response that is matched to that of the
input pulse, which is implemented in this paper using a photonic
system that consists of an optical single-sideband (SSB)
modulator and a fiber Bragg grating (FBG). The FBG is
designed to have a spectral response which is transferred to the
spectral response of the microwave filter via SSB modulation
and heterodyne detection at a high-speed photodetector. A
theoretical investigation on the microwave filter design and the
chirped microwave pulse compression is developed. Theoretical
analysis on the implementation of three different forms of
microwave matched filters, including a classical complex
matched filter (CMF), a phase-only filter (POF) and a modified
inverse filter (MIF), is presented. A comparison between the
filters against the performance measures for a linearly chirped
microwave signal compression is provided.